Digital patterns

Correct email - Always make sure to provide the correct email address when placing an order. If the email address you provided is incorrect, you will not receive your digital pattern or any future updates for that digital pattern.

Your digital pattern is available once your payment is confirmed. You will receive a download notification email with a link to downloading your digital pattern. It may take a few minutes for your download link to be sent to you.

Can't find the email? - If you can’t find the download notification email, check your spam or junk folder. If it’s not there, please contact me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Adding to your address book or safe list can help you locate these emails in the future.

Downloading your digital pattern - To access your digital pattern, click the download link in the download notification email. I recommend saving your digital pattern in a secure cloud or hard drive. 

If you have trouble downloading your digital pattern, it’s possible that there’s an issue with your web browser. Please disable any non-standard add-ons and try again. If you still can’t download your digital pattern, please contact me at 

All digital patterns are sent as PDF files. If your computer is unable to open the file, it’s possible that you’re missing the program required to open that file. Please make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed and updated.

Returns - Digital patterns are not able to be returned or canceled. If you by accident ordered multiples of the same pattern and would like to request a refund, please contact me at

Copyright - All Indiblomst digital patterns are for personal use only. You may not copy, sell or redistribute the pattern. All Indiblomst digital patterns are protected by the Copyright Act.